About the scary mommy article

Many of you are here now because of it, so welcome!  Here’s a quick background on when that was written and what has happened since that time.

In late October, Landon was very ill with pneumonia believed to be caused by aspiration during a seizure.  After two or three days in the hospital with aggressive treatments and a lot of breathing support and respiratory treatments, he was incredibly weak and still getting worse day by day.  He received a blood transfusion, and J (my husband) had a DR encourage him to think about how far we will go with support and treatments for Landon, given how sick he is even when he’s “healthy”.    Things were very bad.  I tried to remain somewhat encouraged on here, but in the meantime, I had conversations with my husband and my parents about how we weren’t sure if Landon was going to pull out of it this time, and it was between Landon and God at this point.   I wrote most of that article through tears after one of those conversations.  (I added the “and winning” line the very next day when it finally seemed Landon’s digression slowed…indicating he might be ready to turn a corner to improving in a day or two.)

And “win” he did.  Landon came out of that battle stronger than ever.  Since his discharge in early November, we’ve had these key events:

  • Both boys had successful G-tube surgery on December 2nd
  • Both boys were weaned off of Topamax starting in Mid December, and placed on Onfi.
  • They started receiving excellent hands on care from an in home day time nanny, and receive therapy at home throughout the month.  (God bless you, D!)

Each of these things has been a contributing factor, and we’ve observed quite a positive change in both boys in the last month.  Improved alert time, more vocalization, more smiles, and slightly better muscle coordination for things like assisted rolling, working on head control, etc.  More “life” in their days and moments.

In short, it has been a fantastic month and we can’t stop smiling about it.

We have a lot of ups and downs around here.  So if you decide to stick around, prepare for a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

I’ll also throw this out there:

I am not a writer.  So excuse the random choppy sentences.  I type like I think.  And I often think in circles.

I am not a Doctor.  So don’t mistake any of my ramblings for advice or reliable medical knowledge.  I’m just relaying to you what we experience and learn.

I am not a hero.  Quite frankly I’m bad at this fairly often.  So if you hope that in reading here you’ll find some inspiring approach to life, you’ll be disappointed.

I am a mom.

I am doing what you would do if you were me. And if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

I am loving my kids and taking it one day, one prayer, one moment at a time.

My boys