We’ve had a quiet few weeks around here.  Since Christmas, we’ve settled back in to a routine, enjoyed good health, (wahoo!) and appreciated so so many good days, big smiles, and special moments.  We have these items coming up in the way of plans and significant appointments.

January 26th: The boys have their G-tube surgery follow-up.  Landon is healing better than Nolan for now, but hopefully both are still on par for expectations.

February 3rd: We have a neurology appointment.  At this appointment we’ll talk about next steps in their medicines, and put a plan in to place to begin the ketogenic diet soon.

“Soon”: The boys will have a scheduled hospital admittance to begin the keto diet mentioned above.  I am anxious to see if this will be helpful for them.  I of course love the idea of relying less on medicines.  The single change of taking the boys off of Topamax helped reveal so much more life and personality in them.

We’re at a bit of a pause for now.  Post Topamax – Pre Ketogenic diet.  And because of that, I’ll try to post a developmental snapshot, and maybe a video or two so I can remember how they are right now.  I want to appreciate and soak up these good phases.  Meanwhile each good day makes me crave 10,000 more.

We have a lot to be thankful for right now.  Here are our two little heroes.  If you look really close, Nolan is giving you a glimpse of his tooth.  🙂


Nolan's version of a "toothy" grin.

Nolan’s version of a “toothy” grin.