Continued success!  Today was a quiet day.  In terms of adjusting to the diet, both boys maintained a state of ketosis (tested in their urine) and had acceptable blood results.  The only minor blip on the radar, was a gagging episode by Landon.  They referred to it as a “retching episode”, and it was one of the things they mentioned on Monday was a potential side effect.  I’m not sure if it was related, or if it was one of Landon’s normal episodes.  He sometimes gets choked upon his own saliva, and that may have been all it was.  Either way, it didn’t keep him from having a good day.

The boys were sleepy this morning, and more playful this afternoon.  They both got in some good stretches, some snuggle time, and enjoyed a snack of carrots with butter.  🙂  They loved it and did a great job!  I acted as their chair (with my arm) and their spoon (with a gloved hand) so the photos aren’t the greatest.

L enjoying some carrots!

L enjoying some carrots!

N smacking his lips for more1

N smacking his lips for more!


Amidst the sitting and snuggling, I even had time to learn a new crochet stitch!  Here’s my second project for Crochet for Lissencephaly.

Guess we know what Nolan thinks of the hat...

Guess we know what Nolan thinks of the hat…


I’m praying for continued success with the diet and that we’ll see some seizure relief, and even a chance to reduce other medications.  I’m thankful as always that we have the opportunity to explore these options, and that the boys are in good hands.