We’ve had a great first year for the DenimDash for rare disease awareness!  Thank you so much to Jim and Heidi for catching this and starting a team!  To Kathy for coordinating a West Virginia crew!  To various individuals who ran, even if they were alone.  And to Kentucky for making me cry 3 times today.  The good kind of cry.

After church today, I loaded all 3 kids back up and we drove two hours to meet and pick up J from the airport.  I had to pull over twice.  The first time to get a better look at the photos dad was sending.

image image

The second time to clear the tears from my eyes so I could drive more safely.  What a turnout.  Over 40 runners were there and hundreds of dollars were raised.  I knew there was going to be a group, and a couple of names had been mentioned.  But I didn’t expect anything like this.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  Time and time again the extended Two If By Faith family surprises and surpasses in the best possible ways.  I know I sound corny and dramatic on here a lot.  But you all are truly amazing.

Today’s group was very special. There are families in that photo who know loss, pain, and that life can be full of unexpected turns. But they also know God, love, and that around each of those turns, there are arms to hold you, and hands to lift you up.  Despite the miles between us they have held and lifted us and families like ours.  I love them all.

For the entire album on facebook, click here.

A special thank you to anyone who ran, walked, pedaled, donated, prayed, encouraged, high-fived, cheered, posted, or did anything to help raise awareness, and support the cause.   Thank you for caring about rare.