You know a song is a good one when you can listen to it at different times in different moods and still hear what you need to hear in that moment.

It might be helpful to point out that nearly every time I’m headed to one of these “events” with the boys, usually alone in the van, I play the same cd.  It was a gift from Barb and I love it.   It’s how I get my heart and head prepared for whatever might be waiting for me.  Many of the songs have been theme songs during different phases of the last 20 months.  A current favorite is Kari Jobe’s Steady My Heart.

I remember an overcast summer afternoon last August as I pulled away from a town, an office, a home, friends, a day care, and a church we knew and loved.  I was wondering whether we were being faithfully obedient or just plain crazy.  This song came on and I felt comforted, knowing this venture in to the unknown was the right move.

Wish it could be easy

Why is life so messy? ….

But You’re here You’re real

I know I can trust You

I also remember sobbing to this same song last time I was chasing Landon, when the circumstances were far more serious and the outcome was very unknown.

Even when it hurts

Even when it’s hard

Even when it all just falls apart

I will run to You ‘Cause I know that You are

Lover of my soul Healer of my scars

You steady my heart

This trip, as I drove in the dark, at one point seeing Landon’s transport fly over head, there were no tears, and no fear.  And I smiled at this part:

I’m not gonna worry

I know that you’ve got me

Right inside the palm of your hand

Listen to it here

I also sang, loudly, as always.  Wishing I sounded more like Jill W. and less like Grover from Sesame Street.  Thankfully a joyful noise doesn’t have to be in tune to be beautiful.

What is your therapeutic theme song?