Let me start with we’re all doing ok.

And we made it here.

Where’s here you ask?  Children’s PICU with Landon.  But let’s go back to roughly this time yesterday.

Landon most likely had a seizure in the early morning.  It’s possible there was no seizure, we can’t be sure, but either way he seemed to spitup and then aspirate a bit.  Right away in the morning we could hear crackly breaths, increased rates, and he wasn’t himself.  We let our nurse know, and D spent the morning using our home tools. (Nebulizer, Suction, and Vest).  By 8:00 he hadn’t improved, and they both agreed they could hear some ronchi in his lungs.  We went in to the local hospital for an outpatient chest x-ray.  Our DR is out, so it was to be read by a backup, and we hoped to hear back by lunch time.

I went back to work, and D helped Landon get in a good cuddle.  He rested well for a while, breathing easier and sounding clearer up until mid afternoon.  We had high hopes!  Then when he woke, he was crackly, retracting, and back to a high rate.  So back to the hospital we went, this time as an ER visit.  The morning chest xray was finally read as clear, but Landon clearly wasn’t doing as well as his image suggested.    After a few treatments and quick tests, we were convinced he needed to be seen at Children’s.  So…several long, slow hours later…here we are.

He started at this ER for assessment, and was sent to the PICU for now.  The chest xray as of 2:30 am shows fluid in his right lung and a little noise in his left.  They have him on a high flow cannula to let him rest for now.  He’s on IV and antibiotic (both keto approved).  They are doing vest treatments, as well as mucomyst.  Current opinion is he might get worse before he gets better, but we caught “this” early on.  So for now I feel good about it.  I’d like to say “he’s not very sick”, “we’ll be out in a day or two” or “we were wrong and they sent us home”, but that’s not our style.  🙂  So instead I’ll say he’s very tough, we’ll do what it takes, and our team helped us get to the right place in time.

I will of course keep you posted!