Due to the severity of L’s last pneumonia, (hello intubation, 3 week hospital stay, blood transfusion and chest tube…I’m looking at you) he earned a few new “friends”.  We took a rare mommy and me trip and left N home for a day of snuggling.

First up – lab work.  They were very busy, so we waited over an hour to get called.  But hallelujah she got blood first try!

Next – Pulmonology.  They were thrilled to hear about two months of health, and agreed to keep the current routine.  One bonus is now that we are seen in their clinic, we can call anytime.  So next time we are in the ER, thinking an over reaction would be the right reaction…they will have our back and try to get us there quickly.  We follow up in 3 to 4 months.  And we are to all get flu shots when the time comes, and start applying for the RSV vaccine soon.

Finally – hematology.  Today’s labs looked good.  They felt for now we’ve confirmed his blood problems are acute, and were handled correctly and fully during his illness.  We will see them any time he is inpatient for a serious illness now, but NO FOLLOW UP NEEDED.  (Yay!)

It was a good day, and I enjoyed having some L time!

Cuddle time! 


Smiling during the pulse ox.  What a goof ball! 
Ready to hit the road!