This year marks one year at our new home. One year ago I cried nearly the whole 5 hour drive as the twins and I joined their dad, and awaited big brother who would follow days later. Leaving something good is scary, because you don’t know what’s in store. We came here on a leap of faith.

And we’ve landed right where we’re meant to be.

The house, coworkers, community, church, medical care, home health nurse, D, all of these have helped us settle in to a great environment in which to raise our family. The list of why we know “here” is “right” right now is long and growing.   We feel very blessed.

As for what a difference a year makes…Look at these little buddies, then and now!

Our last DR apt before moving.

Sweet secrets

Sweet secrets

K’s first look at his brothers’ new chairs. N was so tiny!!


Who you callin’ little?  N has nearly doubled in size!

image  image

They’ve endured so much, and come so far.  I love these boys endlessly.