We are excited to launch the 2nd hero challenge!

We were overjoyed by the response last year (click here to see some of the special things that took place…)

The challenge is this…to honor and celebrate Landon and Nolan, and to make the world a little better place in the process.

These boys.

Our boys.

The boys who “can’t”, perhaps “won’t”, and according to some, almost “weren’t”…are my heroes.  They have inspired so many and yet as of today they are capable of little more than love.

So imagine what YOU could do.  Those of us who CAN, WILL, and ARE…how much more can we accomplish?  Especially if we work together?

My request is simple…go be a hero.  It may be a big gesture or a small one.  One that is known, or one that is done in secret.  You can deliver a meal, pay a bill, lend a hand, or simply provide a shoulder.  Just do something kind.  Something good.   Then tell us about it.  You can comment on this post, post a status or photo on facebook then share it to twoifbyfaith or tag @twoifbyfaith on your instagram photo. You are encouraged to use one or both of the hashtags below. I will compile the good deeds, and display them in a special way at the birthday party.  A reminder that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  And anyone who chooses to can make a difference.

Unique to 2015…we also have these two options for those who want to participate but aren’t sure how:

  1. You can make a hat, scarf, blanket etc. and send it to  Crystal Moran @ PO Box 1902 Russell Springs Ky 42642.    These items will be distributed to those in need, raising awareness for Lissencephaly in the meantime. Visit Crochet for Lissencephaly to learn more, and give Crystal some encouragement (or gift cards to buy more yarn) for all that she has accomplished this year!
  2. We are raising money for a wheelchair accessible swing to be placed in a park in Kentucky. The total cost will land in excess of $2,500, so we’ve got our work cut out for us!
    • Kentucky: One of the ways we are raising money is a 5K in Eubank over Labor Day Weekend.  Details are being provided via local venues.
    • Illinois: On September 10th at 11:30, there will be a poker walk at the Marathon walking track in Robinson.  Details are being provided via work email.
    • If we raise “too much” money (what a fantastic problem) we have some other great ideas, including helping a family in need of medical equipment, and a charity that ships medical supplies to families for free.

Tell us about your good deeds on and leading up to September 17th. As you can see from the link from last year…when appropriate, photos make it more fun and just might help inspire someone else!

Go be a hero to someone.  If they ask, tell them Landon and Nolan sent you.  I can’t think of a better birthday present.  And I can’t wait to hear from you.



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