It was the okayest of times.

We’ve had quite the high low day.  My work group put together a 5K poker walk in honor of the hero challenge.  It was a warm, but absolutely gorgeous day!  We had a good turnout, and lots of donations!  We’re still waiting on the final tally, but we are going to be able to do some exciting things thanks to the generosity of others.

Afterward, I was at my desk, still tearing up with gratitude as I looked at photos and started to type up a thank you note…when I had my 2nd chat with D today.  L has had a bad day.  Earlier today he choked (quietly) so hard that he quit breathing.  Quit trying to breathe even, and D had to suction him to clear his air way.  This phone call involved another choking spell, and coughing up a brown and bloody mixture.  My tears of joy turned to tears of stress, as I feared we were headed back to a hospitalization when we are so close to celebrating their second birthday.

The trip to the ER was fairly routine.  They recognize us now, and before I could even relay today’s story, they referred to L as one of the twins.  I acknowledged that someone on the staff would know the boys and their history if that makes it easier than starting from scratch with someone new.  And sure enough, once we were walked back to a room a familiar face walked in.  The verdict for now is that L had a couple of harsh coughing and choking spells – but he did not aspirate, and his lungs are still ok.  The blood was from mucosal trauma.  He opened his eyes while we were there.  His blood work was ok.  His x-ray was ok.  His O2 is ok.  He’s “ok”.  We are to continue our robust home routine, and keep a close eye on him.  That routine includes nebulizer, vibrating vest, cough assist, and suction four times per day.  We’re also giving him an antibiotic 3 times per day.  And outside of the routine – the suction is staying within arms reach (as is L) so I can stay ready in case of another event.  We already had a 2 year checkup scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so that will also serve as a follow up.

He and I will sleep near each other one way or another tonight.  And while I’ll lay there a little anxious about the night, and the next day or two as L tells us how things are going to go, I’ll also lay there feeling very thankful.  For a support group that continues to go above and beyond.  For kind hearts and sunny days.  For people who let their light shine, so that no day is ever completely dark.

My department plus a few of the walkers.

My department plus a few of the walkers.

Every day should be Taco Day...

Every day should be Taco Day…