It’s been an interesting week.  As you already know, we’ve been working hard on the boys this week, to ensure they are at their best – or for that matter HOME for their upcoming 2nd birthday party!!

The respiratory routine right now looks like this:

  • Nebulizer (Albuterol)
  • Vibrating Vest
  • Cough Assist
  • Suction

In addition, L gets Pulmicort and both boys are getting Flonase.  I’ve spent the last 3 nights sleeping on the couch with L propped up nearby so I can listen for him better, and move and reposition him multiple times throughout the night.  We’re doing the respiratory routine above 3 to 4 times per day instead of 2.  Just 3 days ago, L was having a very bad day, dangerous choking spells, and even some coughed up blood!  So with that progress, and that hard work in mind, you can imagine how good it is to see these eyes:

image image

The boys are back!  We’re still being careful, still doing everything we can to help them, but they are feeling much better.  N is back to sassy, and a bit loud.  L is cooing, and was so active earlier that I had a hard time cutting his hair.  A loud N and a wiggly L are among the world’s most precious “problems”.  And I am one very happy mama.

image image

So that was a weird way to get ready for a party, but we’re a weird crew.  Among the more appropriate party prep to dos…The boys’ presents are in, family is making arrangements for travel, and we’ve had some pretty exciting hero challenges roll in.   Everything else will happen (or not) as time allows.  And I can’t wait to celebrate these little heroes and the light they bring to my life.