It’s been a busy kind of week.  This time of year always seems to be, as we add in the required, the traditional, and the optional in an attempt to fit in maximum memories and fun.

Today turned out to be about a 12 hour work day, not too far removed from a couple restless nights while I watched over an ill L.  I’m the kind of tired we all are right now.  Lots left to plan, to do, to remember, or to forget.

So when I missed a phone call this afternoon at 2:05, it took me a while to get to the message.

And when I did, it began as an introduction of someone who would be looking in to another denied air transit medical charge.  This one in particular, a pricey one, for the travel of L back in April.   The last item like that (which was eventually covered in full) required hours of effort on my part, and numerous interactions with insurance and the flight company.   We rehashed numerous details, confirmed coordinates, requested records, held off collections, then repeated it all again 30 days later, then again, then again.

Then this voice mail was news that we get to start over with a new charge.

But this one was a pleasant surprise.

“A” called to say they would be working tirelessly on the denied charge.  He said more.  All professional, and also kind.  He had found the blog.  The family.  Found us.

“A” if you’re reading this – your 66 second message acknowledging that we are a family who matters, not just a case on a page – meant so much to me.  Thank you for caring, thank you for calling, and know that we’re working tirelessly over here in our own way.  🙂