For the purpose of driving this point home, I’m going to ask you to pick up something light, and hold it above your head.  It can be a remote, a pillow, a glass…anything light.  Just don’t set it down until you’ve finished reading this post.  No seriously, I mean it.


A fellow Liss mom shared a link recently that caught my attention.  You can view the video here, but the concept is that your worries can feel heavier over time if you never set them down.

For any parent or caregiver, this concept is an incredibly easy one to grasp.  Day or night, the wellbeing of your loved ones is always on your heart and mind.  If you add physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or financial concerns on to the typical day to day, the weight becomes greater.

It also becomes harder to take a break from it.

It is harder to set your glass down when no one else knows how to hold it.  Medically complex children are difficult to find good help caring for.  Children who have sensory disorders, behavioral disorders, anxiety, or are resistant to changes in their routine sometimes respond horribly to even the briefest breaks from mom and dad.  So the result is that some of those who are most in need of a break, can’t let go of their glass.

In other words – they need strong arms.


I am traveling for work all week.  I am blessed to still be able to work full time, to have a day nurse who knows and loves the boys as I do, to have a husband who steps in and takes care of the kids during the evenings and nights when these rare travel events pop up.  I have the opportunity to set my glass down on these rare occasions, and for that I am grateful.

Not everyone has that opportunity, or that need.  But almost everyone can use help holding their glass up on occasion.  I’m reminded of these lyrics:

               Lauren Daigle – Trust In You

      I’ve tried to win this war I confess
      My hands are weary I need Your rest
      Mighty Warrior, King of the fight
      No matter what I face, You’re by my side

While it is nice to take the rare break, my only true peace – comes from knowing God is holding my glass too.  The strong arms I need are not my own, because sooner or later my strength will fail.

What are you holding up, and do you need a break?  Whose weight can you help lighten?