First: Many of you have asked about Landon since the last smiley update.  He’s doing great!  He was even off of oxygen for most of the day on Tuesday, needing it again when he got in to a deep sleep at night.

To recap Landon’s events:

Wednesday May 18th: Not managing saliva well, LOTS of drooling and even a little choking.

Thursday May 19th: Projectile vomiting (he never does that), choking and aspirating on it.

Friday May 20th: On close watch, call in Rx for steroid and antibiotic with help of local Primary Care Dr.   Nurse D also consults with Pulmonologist and they agree we can continue to manage at home, with nebulizer every 4 hours for at least 24 hours.  But if we have to use more than 2 L of oxygen, to go ahead to the ER.

Saturday May 21st Long night, day, and night, but I stay on top of the treatments, and Landon is alert and coughing.  By Sunday evening, I’m feeling sure we’ve “beat” this, and he’ll just need some time to keep clearing his lungs.

Skip to May 31st, and he went most of his waking hours without any oxygen  support!

That means we went from event to “baseline” within two weeks! WITHOUT going to the hospital!  Yay everyone involved!

We’re not sure what kicked it off, but we can’t rule out teething since the drool was so excessive, and he’s clearly trying to cut through some gums.


Speaking of teeth:

Landon and Nolan went to their first dentist appointment! They are two and a half, so ideally we would have gone before now, but to be honest, their teeth came in very late.  (This can be attributed to neurological issues, seizure meds, or the lack of chewing to soften gums).  Nonetheless, it was time to let a professional check out their chompers.


They were great!  Landon in particular would like a personal gum masseuse 24/7 I believe.  He was all smiles.  Both boys cooperated well, and no one lost a finger!  🙂  They felt confident they could handle cleaning the boys’ teeth, so they’ll get on a twice per year schedule soon.  If for some reason anything more extensive is needed, we may have to explore sedation dentistry.  But until then – we’re feeling good about our local team!

They feel good about our dental hygiene routine at home.  As a reminder:

We brush their teeth with Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry (Lower sugar) toothpaste.  We also wet their mouths, scrub their tongues, and suction our their mouths throughout the process.  It’s actually one of my favorite therapy items to do with them!  Big Brother even likes to help.  (No surprise!)

In summary, 5 out of 5 dentists approve of our sweet boys, and the smiles they inspire.