One week has passed.  Slowly.  Quickly.  Painfully.  Peacefully.

Each day has brought new challenges.  New to dos.  New emotions.  

Last week was far busier than I could have imagined.  Being busy planning the service provided a meaningful distraction.  But it was also a physically and emotionally exhausting week.

Saturday was so perfect and special.  I’m still gathering photos but plan to share the service with you soon.  I have over 180 balloon photos thus far.  I have so loved seeing your #fornolan posts.

I asked my family to stay and help us roll one chair in to church on Sunday.  The sermon couldn’t have been more fitting. 

Monday felt like a Monday.  Tuesday felt like a Monday.  We are back at work.  We are still exhausted.  We are getting the house back in order.  We have caught up on laundry, sorted through some of the medical supplies, shared flowers and food with others, read cards, and still have a few gifts to get through.

Each night we light candles and play music in Landon’s room.  It will always be a special space for Nolan too.  There is a sweet spirit there.

Tomorrow there are more to dos awaiting.  And it may just feel like Monday. But we’ll get through that Monday too.