When I was little mom used to count down to adventure with sleeps. “Two more sleeps until school starts!” “Four more sleeps until vacation!”

My house tonight has three little sleepers who have no idea what adventure awaits.

I didn’t withhold information because I like surprises. I waited, cautiously, because our life is already full of surprises, and they aren’t always good. The past 7 days alone have included two issues that were almost deal breakers for Landon traveling. Let alone the last 4 months.

Yet after one more sleep, an adventure awaits that this family so desperately needs.

A WISH come true, for family time and memories that last forever.

Time. Together. 💙

Please pray for our family. That the coming days are filled with health, safety, happiness, and the kind of giggles, smiles, and stories that heal hearts and let love linger forever.