Welcome to our little slice of cyberspace.

We are J, M, K, L and N.

J is a hard working, professional, dedicated dad who loves anything with a motor.   When he’s not off looking handsome in his business clothes, you may find him flying an airplane, riding a motorcycle, watching Gold Rush, managing his fantasy football team, or being an awesome dad.

I am M.  A planner, a dreamer, and sometimes a doer.  My day job includes spreadsheets and numbers.  My hobbies are my children, and I have a hard time remembering when that wasn’t true.

J and I have been married for seven years, and together we love to travel, record way too many tv shows, have game nights with friends, and watch our kids take on the world.

K is our 3 year old lawyer/negotiator in the making, and he blesses and challenges us daily.  He loves to play with his trains, watch “Paw Patrol”, and ride his bike.  We are focused on teaching him new things, and helping him grow, but consider nothing more important than teaching him about God.

Most recently, we were blessed with identical twin boys L and N.  They were diagnosed with Lissencephaly during the pregnancy.  We are learning more about them and their journey one day at a time.  And loving them every second along the way.

That’s US at a high level.  If you get closer you’ll find a dusty house, an unread stack of mail, a growing to do list, and a little man who thinks “no” is funny.

This blog is “Mama Laughs”.  I want a place where I can share pictures and stories with family and friends across the miles, mostly from the perspective of a new mama trying to figure all this out.  One mistake, one misstep, and one laugh at a time.  Here are some tips on whether or not this blog is for you:

Do NOT read this blog if…

  • You, are annoyed by overuse, of commas, and otherwise misappropriate use of…punctuation!!!
  • Big words make you feel fancy.
  • You finish EVERYTHING you start.
  • Your life is perfectly in order, with no chaos, confusion, missed appointments, laundry piles, dust bunnies, or frozen pizzas in sight.
  • You think your parenting advice is the best and most perfect around, and will judge me for not taking it or for screwing up occasionally.

DO read this blog if…

  •  Sometimes you dream big, but suck at seeing things through. (Hello teaching myself guitar, writing a book, knitting/crocheting, craftiness in general, writing a different book, and becoming a runner…)
  • You enjoy people who gush over their babies, nieces, nephews, family, home…food? and unashamedly show you photos of everything!
  • You remember what it’s like to not know exactly what God has in store for your life, and to be simultaneously thrilled, exhilarated, overjoyed…and scared beyond belief!

14 thoughts on “Us”

  1. Devon James said:

    I’ve always loved reading your blog!!! Look out now on receiving comments from me!!!

  2. Janet Mitchell said:

    I am SO glad you shared this with me. I especially LOVE that picture of K looking out the window!!!!!!!!!!! Take care, JRM

  3. Love the new blog. You are so clever!!

  4. Dee Dee (Mima) said:

    Finally looked at ALL sections of your new blog layout! Love it! We are ever amazed at all the clever ideas you come up with, being an awesome wife to our son, and super-amazing momma to K, L and N! Your journey continues around this next bend in the road and we so look forward to enjoying the ride with you. Love you!

  5. I love reading your posts and love your writing style. My sister and I are now glued to your website, waiting for the next update. We knew you would be writing a book sooner or later. You, J, K, N & L are in our daily prayers. Tomorrows challenges are already on His agenda. Brenda E.

  6. Your faith in God is inspiring. Please keep writing and I will keep praying!

  7. Karen Andreassen said:

    Greetings from KY! I’m Karen (friends with Karen Cook via work) & love reading about your amazing family. We have 2 children (Karl 7 & Tori 6). Tori has Down syndrome, and although we face a different journey….there are many similarities. I appreciate so much your celebrations daily & keep all of you in my prayers as you face new challenge. God Bless & enjoy every second of this magical holiday season!!!

  8. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I think of my mother in her journey with my sister who was born with a heart condition. Remembering back to when we first learned of her condition at birth and the years to follow…I think of how my mother (like you) had decisions to make and also enjoyed the precious moments in between trips to the hospital, etc. I can truly appreciate what your family is experiencing and I truly admire the faith and courage that all of you have. I can say this….My mother can look back now and feel good about the decisions she made. A baby girl that was not suppose to live over 1 year old…became a woman in her late 40’s who had a full and happy life. God, family, friends and lots and lots of love can do wonders! Your family is in my heart, thoughts & prayers.

  9. I used to work with “J” at marathon canton. I was talking to a mutual friend yesterday and he told me your story. I want to let you know that I plan on praying for your family everyday. You are all amazing and I feel blessed to have read your story. May God bless you all and Merry Christmas!!!

  10. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve only read a couple of your post but just from that I find “life!” I am a mom of a 2 year old and a new little angel girl, Everly Kate. She also has lissencephaly along with dandy walker, agenisis of corpus callosum, and microcephaly. She is almost 2 months of age and currently still in the NICU because she had an intestinal infection (NEC) which almost took her life. I’ve been searching for parents with awesome children like my Everly to try to glimpse at what to expect. My goal is to give Everly the best life I can just as I do for my little boy. I’m so nervous as to how to be there for both of them when Everly goes home. So thank you for blogging! I look forward to following it 🙂

  11. My daughter in law came across your story! I’m part of the Foundation for Children with Microcephaly but, there a lot of families with children with lissencephaly that are part of the foundatiion. You should join the group and there is also a group on Facebook called parents of any cephaly you should also look into.
    My 4 year old has Microcephaly.

  12. You are an AMAZING family! I stumbled upon your blog after reading your article on Scary Mommy. Wherever this journey takes you, I wish you nothing but peace and happiness. Your story makes me want to be a better person. Delaware is praying for your little ones!

  13. I share your chaos. We live with lissencephaly here in our house. Nothing is ever quite the same after the diagnosis, but all things are new. In some ways, my vision is clearer. I see better what is important in all of my children. Goals become smaller and more attainable. Hugs mean more. Life is a gift, God’s gift, to us.

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