Twin Timeline

Here’s the place for chronological updates on our identical twin boys!

Exciting News – Two babies on the way!

Routine Pregnancy

7/23 Brain Complications (26 weeks gestation)

Technical Overview

7/31 Second Opinion (27 weeks gestation)

8/14 Adding Lissencephaly to the mix (29 weeks gestation)

9/17 The boys are here! (34 weeks)

10/17 One Month! (38 weeks)

10/29 Good-bye NG Tubes!!!  (6 weeks old) (40 weeks adjusted)

11/6 & 11/8 Welcome home Nolan and Landon!  (7 weeks old) (1 week adjusted)

11/17 Two Months!  (2.5 weeks adjusted)

11/24 Rolled Over!  (3.5 weeks adjusted)

12/16 L’s first smile!

12/17 Three Months! (6 weeks adjusted)

Nolan smiled!

First Christmas!

1/17 Four Months (2.5 months adjusted)

2/3 First Day of Day Care (3 months adjusted)

2/17 Five Months (3.5 month adjusted)

Subtle milestones (hands together, noises, etc)

3/17 Six Months (4.5 months adjusted)

4/17 Seven Months (5.5 adjusted)

5/17 Eight Months (6.5 adjusted)

Infantile Spasms began

6/17 Nine Months (7.5 adjusted)

Small experiments with stage 1 foods, via syringe and pacifier

7/17 Ten Months (8.5 adjusted)

Moved!  New house, new daycare, new doctors.

8/17 Eleven Months (9.5 adjusted)

9/17 ONE YEAR!

Hero Challenge 2014!

Both boys hospitalized for a Virus.  Came home on NG feeding tubes.

Landon hospitalized for Pneumonia

G-tube Surgery

Christmas 2014




6 thoughts on “Twin Timeline”

  1. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and only God knows what will transpire in the new few weeks. Will be in continous prayer.

  2. Amanda Dick said:

    DJ and I are praying for you all. God has a plan and he is in control!

  3. Sherry McKinney said:

    Shannon and I are praying for your babies and your whole family! God is an awesome God and fully in control.

  4. Ruby Ingram said:

    Hi, Melody. Until thus past Sunday I didn’t even know you were pregnant let alone dealing with the things you guys are going through. My heart goes out to you & your family. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through both mentally & spiritually. I’ve not been able to get you off my mind. I know God is blessing you as you deal with this and so many others as we read your story. My prayer is for God to touch you & your babies. Whatever happens, they will be perfect in God’s eyes. You have really inspired me with your faith.

  5. I heard about your story at bible study at gateway and have been constantly thinking about you and praying for you all. Your courage and love for Christ is certainly wonderous and there is no doubt that God put these little sweet boys in this world for a reason!!!

  6. Hey!
    Im from swiss. My son have also liss…. he looks exactly like your sons!

    greetings from swiss

    you can contact me if you want

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