Wish Granted

When I was little mom used to count down to adventure with sleeps. “Two more sleeps until school starts!” “Four more sleeps until vacation!”

My house tonight has three little sleepers who have no idea what adventure awaits.

I didn’t withhold information because I like surprises. I waited, cautiously, because our life is already full of surprises, and they aren’t always good. The past 7 days alone have included two issues that were almost deal breakers for Landon traveling. Let alone the last 4 months.

Yet after one more sleep, an adventure awaits that this family so desperately needs.

A WISH come true, for family time and memories that last forever.

Time. Together. 💙

Please pray for our family. That the coming days are filled with health, safety, happiness, and the kind of giggles, smiles, and stories that heal hearts and let love linger forever.




Steps and Stones

Isabella is a girl on the move!

I need to take time to put together a full blown update with timing and milestones. I want to remember this miracle. I want her to look back and feel so proud of her accomplishments and of her hard work.

For today, I’ll just share that her Early Intervention updates have gone so well, her goals blown out of the water, she is graduating early.

Our Six Year Old

Landons birthday, sixth birthday believe it or not, seems like a great time to provide an update on how he is doing.

Landon arrived home from the hospital almost a month ago. The ride home I was second-guessing myself much of the way. And that first weekend was so challenging I had a hard time picturing how we would ever make it through the first 48 hours much less the next week. But we did. Then we did. And we still are. And one month later Landon is doing well. He’s still fragile; presumably from now on. But we are managing. And being able to manage at home has been so meaningful.

Hospice has proven to be a fantastic partner. The Dr and nurses come to us, and are very responsive and caring. I’ve called numerous times, usually at odd hours, and they are always ready to help. Rather than regretting the move, I wonder how we didn’t land here sooner. It’s still hard. It’s also right for us.

Home has allowed us the chance to greet the age of 6 head on at home. 6 is TRIPLE the life expectancy we were given once the severity was more clear. Home has allowed family movies, more hand holding, more snuggling. More blue game days. More reading in La La’s room. More of his special smiles. More glimpses of those bright blue eyes. More time. And another birthday.