My daily baby update email gave me a warm fuzzy this morning…

“This day marks the end of eight months of pregnancy. You’re heading for the home stretch.”


Speaking of home stretch…while we were eager to visit with family over the Christmas holiday, and to meet our beautiful healthy new baby niece…we are now very glad to be home for a while. 34 week pregnant me doesn’t want to go ANYWHERE for a WHILE now. So we are also in a home stretch in that we have no plans for a trip anywhere anytime soon.

“Stay at Home Stretch” = Double yay!

BUT, before we slide in to home there’s plenty to be done.  We got off to a good start last night by doing 4 of our 6 loads of laundry, undecorating from Christmas, and putting away the suitcases and Christmas presents and goodies.

Our January to do list is long, but I think it will primarily be a fun one!  Sure, adding insulation and pressure washing when we have a warm day may not be on J’s list of top 10 fun things to do.  And there are some other unfun items for both of us as well.  But assembling the larger baby stuff (pack n play, swing, etc), installing the car seat, packing hospital bags, decorating K’s walls, and putting final touches on our baby prep sure sound exciting to me!