I’m a little behind on posts, but the focus has been on spending time with K man, which often involves a lot of chasing, crawling, playing, giggling, and apparently…not blogging.

I am already very excited about the 11 month update.  I can’t believe how much he has changed in the last couple of weeks.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s start with a review of K’s first Christmas.

And in honor of his new favorite word, I’ll present it to you by telling you what K, “GOT!”

K got adorable for his Christmas card photos.

K got creative for an adorable present to mom and dad.

K got cuddled.

K got a hat.

K got up close and personal.

K got excited.

K got heavy.

K got surprised!

K got confrontational.

K got in trouble.

K got more presents on Christmas morning!

K got nosy while daddy made breakfast.

K got a nap.

K got cute with his new toys.

K got loud while mama and daddy made dinner.

K got excited about candles on a birthday cake for Jesus.

K got way too big overnight.

K got to see daddy’s airplane.

K got another hat!

K got to show the girls how to open and close doors…continuously.

K got told “no”.

K got a balloon.

K got dressed up for the party.  And got an Elvis lip?

 K got to watch it snow.  And got to melt his mama’s heart.