Balloons have gone up from near and far over the last week.  We encouraged anyone who wanted to participate in honoring Nolan’s short life to do so by releasing a green balloon.  The response brought me to tears last Saturday, and has brought a smile to my face numerous times since.  
Some of our family members kicked it off.  Friends, school mates, and strangers who just love Nolan right along with us joined in too.  We had balloons going up in many states, on both coasts.  We even had balloons going up in Europe!  Nolan’s school made Friday a green for Nolan day, and it felt like half the town dressed in green.  Karson even got to lead his class in another balloon release.  All of this has been such a loving and warm follow to such a difficult time.

I have nearly 200 photos.  It would be more but I tried to choose one per group. But sometimes I could not narrow it down because some interesting things happened…

Do you see any shapes? 

Green orbs like this were everywhere…

Here are the pictures for your enjoyment.  Nolan’s send off was beautiful, and it’s safe to say he has plenty of birthday balloons to help him celebrate today! THANK YOU to all who participated!