I thought we had this decision taken care of, but recent discussions made me question our original choice.

So – after further review, J and I have switched our hospital preference.

We will be going to the smaller one with less maternity traffic, that is less than a mile from our doctor’s office.  They are known for having a more attentive nursing staff, and overall better service.  Their labor and delivery rooms are nicer and larger.  The anesthesiologist who will administer my epidural will likely be one of two guys who also attend our church.

Now, there’s a CHANCE that we’ll end up with a roommate in post partum.  They have some single and some double rooms.  But I’m told they avoid roommates whenever possible, and during our tour they had several open spots and no doubled up rooms.

AND – their NICU isn’t as high of a level as the other hospital.  Even so, both hospitals use Indianapolis as their go to if the baby is in need of serious attention.  My prayer of course is that we don’t need a NICU regardless.

But something about hospital #2 felt right.  So I think we’ve made our decision.  And we’ll begin child birth classes soon.   .:gulp:.  Here we go!