**If you haven’t already done so, go here to view and then vote on your favorite maternity pictures.**

Today I am 35 weeks along and have only 35 days remaining until the due date!  WHAAA???

Pretty cool milestone if I do say so myself.  I’ll hold off on a new quiz and pic until my next DR appt.  But here are some factoids about 35 weeks along K and his 35 week pregnant mama:

  • His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he’ll spend the next few weeks just putting on weight. (Hey, me too!)
  • Speaking of weight, K is likely 6+ pounds!
  • It’s not uncommon for 35 week pregos to have contractions.  Although I haven’t been having any.

If you recall, I have a goal of having everything “done” by January 16th, so I can relax and stay off my feet from that point forward.  Here’s the checklist off the top of my head and how we’re coming along:

Assemble high chair
Assemble swing
Assemble and “stock” pack n play
Organize K’s Christmas items and latest Baby gifts
Send out any remaining thank you notes
Hang comforter, Pop’s coat rack, propeller, decals, and whatever else fits on the walls
Pack K’s hospital bag
Wash one final load of K’s stuff (including towels, washclothes, a few 0-3 outfits, etc)
Find a pediatrician
Send hospital directions to Nana and Mima
Complete Childbirth classes

Almost done:
Pack my hospital bag
Assemble and paint model airplanes
Get maternity pictures in frames
Make some kitchen cabinet space

Still to do:
Learn to knit (who was I kidding…)
Install car seat/mirror/shades etc
Take a breastfeeding class (next week)
Clean house and prepare for K’s grandparents to arrive on short notice, and perhaps amidst chaos
Relax and kick up my feet….(soon…soon)

So…I think we’re in a good place.  Most of the “still to do” items are being reserved for the last few weeks for a reason.  And the most time consuming item on the “almost done” list (the airplanes) isn’t actually crucial.

So does that mean that when we get all these things done we’ll be READY?


🙂  I’m not sure we’ll ever be completely ready for the change that is about to hit our lives.  But we recognize that it will be a dramatic change, and we welcome it anyway.  Besides, ready or not, here he’ll come!