How far along? 39 weeks

How big is baby? Probably close to 8 pounds.

Weight gain? Roughly 32.  Three of those pounds came last week, so I’m just avoiding the scale at home this week and making sure I get plenty of fluids (which oddly enough helps fight fluid retention).

Stretch Marks? Nothing new here.

Maternity clothes? I kept a few items I’m wearing the most, and sent the others home to my parents basement.  Guess that means I don’t plan on staying in them too long after K arrives!

Sleep? Boo.  My 4 oclock waking hour continues, and the time it takes me to get back to sleep is stretching.  Also, we tried flipping our mattress to a firmer side to help me have some leverage when I’m trying to roll or get out.  I’m not sold on the change yet.

Cravings?  Yesterday while at the mall with J, we rounded the corner and pretty much ran to Auntie Anne’s once we smelled those delicious pretzels!  YUM!  I’ve got to learn how to make those at home!

Nursery update? 😀  I enjoy sitting in the glider for now.  Can’t wait until K is here to hang out in there too!

Movement? Hiccups are becoming more regular.  And the doctor told me the “foot” I keep feeling and touching is more likely an elbow.  Whoops.

High point? Being snowed/iced in without power.  Thought this would be the low point?  Well, J stayed home until we were sure I could get out of the house on my own should an amergency arise.  So while he was home with me we made hot chocolate on the camping stove, kept warm with a propane heater, and played cards.  It was super fun!

Low point? Total havoc being wreaked on my body!

What am I looking forward to? K’s arrival!

What do I miss? Warm weather!

Doctor Update: Coming on Wednesday!

Here’s me at 39 weeks…

Compare to the 37 week photo here.