I haven’t given an update on our potty training efforts recently.  That is primarily because…recently…there hasn’t been much effort.  Since K is still young, and not yet in a potty training room at day care…we’re taking it very slow.  In fact, he mostly only sits on the potty when he asks to.   Our goal for now is mainly to keep the potty from being unfamiliar and scary when he IS ready to train.

But it seems mommy keeps getting duped. 

On 3 different occasions, he has asked to go poo poo in the potty!  Can you guess when?  Bed time of course.  After brushing teeth and saying prayers and getting ready to lay down…suddenly the mood strikes.  Guess what?  False alarm.  It seems K has caught on to the concept of a delay tactic.

Tonight – duped again.  On the way home, he said “pee pee in potty”.   Of course, by the time we got home, the moment had passed…(perhaps literally) so there was no action in the potty.  But I decided to bring his potty downstairs so it would be visible and he could sit on it throughout the night…just in case.  He spent no less than 45 minutes total on the potty tonight.  All willingly and happily.  All without action. 

After bath time we walked in to his room to dry off and get dressed.  While I was getting out a diaper and PJs, he wandered around his room naked, like he always does.  But tonight there was a twist.  Or a tinkle rather.  I heard that unmistakable sound of pee hitting the carpet.


K’s response?

“Pee pee mommy!”