Click here to compare to the 16 week quiz during K’s pregnancy.

How far along? 16 weeks today!

How big are the babies? Nearly 5 inches long from crown to rump, and now weighing 3+ ounces.

Weight gain? As of this morning I’ve gained 8 pounds.  But it is all in the form of a very round belly.  I can already tell my belly is going to be HUGE!  I’ve even had people touch it already.  (Too soon…too soon…)

Stretch Marks? Not yet.   But I’m mentally preparing for a road map.

Maternity clothes? I gave back a lot of the ones I borrowed last time.  And most of my remaining items are for winter babies.  Since I’ll be large and HOT most of the summer…I’ll need to seek out a few more summer pregnancy options.  For now I’m wearing normal pants with a bella band, and normal shirts, in an unflattering way.

Sleep? I’m struggling to transition to my back.  No matter how much I try to wedge myself on my side, I find a way to roll over in my sleep.  Otherwise I’m sleeping well right now.

Pregnancy symptoms: Backaches and/or Headaches on occasion.  No more constant nausea though!

Cravings? Nope.  Boring, huh?  At least eating doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

Nursery update?  We’ll wait for gender news.  BUT we did purchase a bed, bedding, and a few accessories for K’s big boy room.  We also found out K’s crib has been discontinued, so our plan to get an identical one has failed.

Movement?  I don’t think I’ve felt any kicks yet.  But those early ones are so subtle.  I feel things…but not strong enough to say with confidence it is the babies.

Gender suspicions? Hmm.  Based on some unreliable internet research, and some more reliable input from a mom with twins and a friend who is a doctor, I believe they are identical.  And with that in mind, *today* I think we’re having two identical boys.

High point? Mother’s day with “Gamma”, Mom/Nana, and the whole crew.

Low point?  Not getting a heartbeat at the 14 week checkup.  (Story here)

Other: Hmm…we’re also preparing for growth in the area of transportation.  We purchased a mini-van.  The verdict is in, and I already love it.