In case you missed it, I launched a t-shirt fund raiser via bonfire on facebook. You can find the link here!

It’s only open for one more week!

Landon and Nolan’s 3rd birthday party will be themed around music:  Live in Harmony!  We’re excited to celebrate with and for them in the weeks to come.  For now, I wanted to introduce the t-shirt link, explain why it ends weeks ahead of their birthday, and introduce the charities we’ll be supporting.

From September 1st through September 17th, you are encouraged to live in harmony!  Join in the party, and help us celebrate THREE in style!

The t-shirt fund is “early” so we can wear the shirts early and often. I am hopeful that with this timing, shirts will be delivered by Labor Day, so friends and family, both near and far, can wear their shirts any time in September leading up to the boys’ birthday.  If you participate in a fundraiser, donate your time, deliver a meal, mow a yard, help a friend in need, or do any other kind act in honor of the boys’ birthday, feel free to snap a photo and send it to me!  You can comment on this blog, on the facebook page, or via email.  We love seeing how you are celebrating, and how you are being the heroes of the world. So don’t be shy – share your acts of kindness!  You never know who you will inspire!

 The hashtags this year are: #liveinharmony and #twoifbyfaith.

To be clear – your act of kindness does NOT have to be in the form of a donation. However – when we had multiple people ask to donate money in year one, we decided to create an outlet for that in year two.  I had no reason to suspect we would raise $4,500!  So for year three, you are once again encouraged to perform a kind act.  If you do choose to donate, either via the t-shirt fund raiser, a local event, or by donating through my parents or in laws, the money will make its way to me, and we will allocate it accordingly to the following charities.  I have not set up a go fund me page at this time, and do not plan to.  If someone “out there” has no connection to my family, and isn’t sure how else to donate funds to these causes, you can donate an additional amount via the t-shirt fund raiser through August 12th, or support a local cause near and dear to your heart and share your gesture with us via social media. 

Any funds raised for the birthday will go to:
Harmony Park in Robinson IL

Miracle League of Findlay OH

The Parker Lee Project in Texas