I’m a little late on getting this one up.  We spent Easter in KY, have adjusted to taking K outside of the home for care, and have just been busy!

Daddy and K had a special week together.  They endured a checkup with shots.  They did “man stuff” like get my tires replaced. They also drug out the baby carrier so we could use it over the weekend, tried out the Bumbo chair, and had some PJ parties.  This was a great opportunity for them to bond and get to know each other better.

Here are some pics from their week together.


“Why am I wearing this?”
Looking like such a big boy!


Playing is hard work!
“Tummy time again?…”


Trying out the Bumbo!
Happy boy!


“Tell me more!”
“Please tell me you’ll shower when we actually use this.”


“Recovering” the morning after shot day.

Thanks for a great week, Daddy!